April 26, 2021

Are you ready for love? Then let's talk customer experience

‘Are you ready for Love?’ is a hospitality webinar focused on curating customer experiences and atmosphere with music + tech + behavioural science.

What’s on the menu?

It’s all about truly understanding the science behind customer behaviour and discovering actionable insights, for example; restaurant diners exposed to slow music spend an average of 11 minutes longer at their table (and probably will go for that tempting dessert) than those who were exposed to fast music. Crucial intel at a time when every cover counts with socially distanced floor plans.

Our guests are a lovely, distinguished bunch: Richard Shotton, author of best-selling book The Choice Factory; Shereen Ritchie, MD of LEON UK; & Craig Bunting, co-founder & director of coffee brand, BEAR.

Building on our ‘Mind The Gap’ hospitality report findings, ‘Are you ready for love?’ asks how hospitality can curate magical first-impressions for pitch-perfect customer experiences, using music, tech and behavioural science.

Are you ready for love? Then let's talk customer experience
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