September 24, 2021

Dancing through the streets of London on National Hospitality Day

On Saturday 18th September, Startle joined the nationwide celebration of National Hospitality by getting people to dance through the streets of London and into our restaurants, cafes and quick service food venues.

Dancing in the Street

National Hospitality Day has been set up as a celebratory day to invite the nation to visit their favourite venues to show support to an industry that was hit hard by the pandemic. Venues across the UK will be standing together in celebration of what they have overcome so far. The team behind the event writes, “National Hospitality Day has been created to celebrate everything we love about hospitality, to help struggling businesses get back on their feet, and to raise money for leading industry charities.”

In support of this important event, we lined the streets of London with temporary dance steps to encourage the public to dance through the streets and into their most beloved hospitality outlets.

Adam Castleton, Startle CEO remarked;

"Overcoming the challenges that the hospitality industry has faced over the last 18 months is nothing short of miraculous. We can all benefit from a little extra joy in our lives, and we hope that 'Dancing in the Streets of London' brings some joy to customers and operators as they dance back into hospitality venues this Saturday!”

Alongside all supporters for the day, we are encouraging everyone that is able to visit their favourite venues to support the industry back on to its feet.

Dancing through the streets of London on National Hospitality Day
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