Music for coffee, for tea, for takeaways and talking tables, for refills and rushes, for cakes with jammin.

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What’s a great customer experience?

Something customers tell friends about. It elevates a brand to distinction, with all sites harmonising in unison. Ultimately it improves your bottom line.

Creating one isn’t so easy.

But that’s where we can help. Music isn’t all we know, but it’s in our soul, and when blended with tech and our knowledge of behavioural science we create brand experiences that sync perfectly in tune with your business objectives.




  • brand distinctiveness
  • cover control
  • responsive atmospherics
  • repeat custom
  • brand consistency
  • top of mind
  • driving spend
  • increased dwell time
  • throughput control

What do we mean exactly?

Taking something that can be seen as a commodity and turning it into a major driving factor to your bottomline. It’s getting music and atmosphere on your team.

Imagine perfectly curated music that adjusts automatically to crowd-density. When a café is busy, faster tempo music will play to encourage customers to drink up and get the bill quicker, increasing throughput. Accompanied by responsive lighting that complements the time of day and weather conditions. Couple that with some smart app integrations and you’ve got yourself something really special.

We call it music+.

Cafes sound better with Startle
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Exactly what we were looking for

Startle’s music solution was exactly what we were looking for. Their team worked collaboratively with Santander to create the interactive Jukebox. Our customers like the music and the way they can select the tracks using a touchscreen. The music adds to the buzz of the Work Café.

Tracey Doughty



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