October 8, 2020

Startle and Pizza Hut Delivery Launch Nationwide Rock and Roll Bingo Giveaways

It’s officially Autumn, and the colder months are rolling in.

Pizza Hut & Rock and Roll Bingo?

We’re marching on through the chilly weather with an exciting partnership that will help keep your minds entertained and your bellies warm and full...

We’re thrilled to announce that Startle has partnered with Pizza Hut Delivery on a month-long takeover of our much-loved digital music game, Rock and Roll Bingo! 

About the game

In case you haven’t played it yet, Rock and Roll Bingo gives a new twist on bingo by replacing the standard format with familiar music clips. Played through the free app, budding quizzers go up against their friends and peers to prove their expertise, being tested on their ability to identify songs in a variety of rounds, and crossing them off on their smartphone bingo cards as they hear them.

The Pizza Hut Rock and Roll Bingo interface

The aim is to win a ‘line' followed by a ‘full house’, to claim first place on the leaderboard (and of course, win great prizes). With rounds varying from 80s to 90s to Top 40 Hits, there's something to get everyone singing along.

Rock and Roll Bingo has already proved extremely popular. We’re proud to have racked up over 200,000 game plays, 98% repeat player loyalty, and a whopping 4.9/5 stars in the Apple App Store reviews since launching earlier this year. 

Increasing brand engagement

Our new partnership with Pizza Hut Delivery will take place over the next 4 weeks. With branded promotions and graphical adverts running in and around the game, we’re bringing Rock and Roll Bingo players exclusive offers to drive brand engagement with Pizza Hut Delivery and increase the chance of potential uplift in mid-week sales through impulse buying.

An exclusive Pizza Hut Delivery offer for Rock and Roll Bingo players

All players will be eligible for 50% off pizzas when they spend £30 at Pizza Hut Delivery, with overall winners being awarded ‘Hut Rewards Slices’ that can be used to unlock free items from the Pizza Hut Delivery menu.

“Like many businesses we have had to take a very serious approach to our operations during recent times, so we are very excited to now be able to bring some more fun to our customers – not only with the game itself but also with the discounts that we’re giving away. This link up with Startle’s Rock and Roll bingo game gives us an opportunity to drive more brand engagement through dedicated exposure during the games, develop brand loyalty through trackable campaign codes, and increase the chance of potential uplift in mid-week sales through impulse buying. We look forward to seeing the results.” - Mandeep Kaur, Digital Customer Acquisition – Assistant Manager

As a fully digitised game played through a smartphone, Rock and Roll Bingo has helped many of the venues that host it go paperless - no need for bingo cards, pens, or even a host! But with the current climate and consumers exploring different entertainment avenues at home, our new national games allow players to take part wherever they are.

Get a slice of the action

Since lockdown, we’re now running four national Rock and Roll Bingo games every Sunday, live at 8pm, 8.30pm, 9pm and 9.30pm. Each game lasts an average of 15 minutes - great for a quick burst of fun to be enjoyed alone, or for a bit of family competition.

To take part this Sunday and redeem this exclusive Pizza Hut Delivery offer, download the free Rock and Roll Bingo app and register yourself today!

Startle and Pizza Hut Delivery Launch Nationwide Rock and Roll Bingo Giveaways
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