June 23, 2021

The Best Song For...

How would music make you more likely to eat salad? Which song would stop you using a lift? Join us, as we put James' music curation skills to the test!

The relationship between music and the science in influencing behaviour is constantly fascinating to us at Startle. Indeed, understanding behavioural science is critical to mastering a pitch-perfect atmosphere. But we know it can be hard to get your head around all the terms, theories and experiments...

Say hello to 'The Best Song For...' - a series of videos where our Head of Content's music curation skills are put to the test during a given (and often ridiculous) brief that helps us talk about music and science in a way that makes sense.

The Best Song For... Pigeon Telly

The Best Song For... Cheering Up Your Nan

The Best Song For... Selling Guinness

The Best Song For... Getting People To Take The Stairs

The Best Song For... A Jilted Lover

The Best Song For... Lettuce Merchants

The Best Song For...
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